What is Pinta?

What is Pinta?

What is Pinta?

If you know Spanish, you may be familiar with the term, “pinta”. But “pinta” can have numerous meanings so let’s break down a few: 

- “La Pinta, La Nina y La Santa Maria”: these were the ships Christopher Columbus used to, mistakenly, set sail from Spain to the New World. “La Pinta” was the fastest of the three ships, small but mighty.  

- “Pinta” (verb): to paint. // “que bien el pinta”   

- “Pinta”: a pint; a measure of fluid ounces. // “pásame la pinta de leche”  

There is another definition of “pinta” that somewhat resembles the manner in which we use it.  

“Pinta”: the external appearance of a person or thing. // “tienes mala pinta, ¿estas bien? 


For us at Aminorip, “pinta” goes beyond physical appearance. Pinta comes from withinPinta as a reflection of your attitude and your personality mixed with good taste and impeccable style. But most importantly, la pinta is about feeling good in your own skin and owning it 


In our team we have a saying, “la pinta is everything”.  When we say that we mean that your attitude, your personality, and your impeccable style reflects your individualism. It’s not a matter of how people see you; it’s how you see yourself.   

Our Aminorip family is embedded with individuals whose foundation lies on acceptance, respect, and on creating a safe haven for its members and those around us, regardless of age, race, gender, origin, or ethnicity. We encourage an atmosphere of inclusion where all our members can shine their own pinta and feel represented in the community.  

Embrace  “la pinta is everything” culture!